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Wildlife, Landscape & Ranchlands
Photography Workshop in Chama, New Mexico

photography by Soren Peters

Wildlife, Landscape & Ranchlands: Chama, New Mexico
Dates: 3 days sessions throughout July and August 2010

Course Description

The Quinlan Ranch sits astride the historic migration route of the entire Southern Colorado-San Juan elk herd, making this perhaps the most extraordinary elk habitat in the Southwest. The Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Wildlife, Landscape & Ranchlands Photographic Experience is an exclusive customized photography workshop designed to connect you with the land and wildlife of northern New Mexico while broadening your photographic skills and vision. This is a photography workshop for photographers. While we cover many digital photography techniques, this workshop is about making images in the field. Our daily schedule has us outdoors shooting each day.

Part of northern New Mexico's legendary San Juan Mountains for nearly a century, this workshop will provide a 17,000 acre photography field location. South of Rancho del Oso Pardo and adjacent to the renowned state-owned Edward Sargent Wildlife Areato, this is a rich alpine wilderness at the intersection of multiple ecosystems. One-third forest, one-third scrub oak and one-third meadow, here is a land of great promise, diversity and beauty.

And now in this exclusive Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Photography workshop, the Quinlan Ranch is exlusively available to photographers who appreciate the heritage, resources, and unmatched beauty of this grand and historic land. Offering world class big game as well as many surrounding attractions, historic culture and shopping opportunities available nowhere else, this workshop offers the rare opportunity for photographers from around the world to enjoy its beauty.

photography by Soren Peters

With professional ranch hands and field guides, and their intimate knowledge of the country, migrations, and wildlife, we will maximize the photographic experience. Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Photographic Workshops and Charlie Paynter of Quinlan Ranches work in tandem to create a truly unique personalized workshop experience- bringing you the best of both their expertise and passion for the land, wildlife and for photography.

This exciting workshop will provide a unique photography workshop experience allowing each participant to receive one-on-one photography instruction in the field as well as personalized feedback and critique. Participants will explore a wide variety of techniques that allow each picture to tell a story. Together, we will experiment with composition, use of light, shadow, depth of field, finding new ways of seeing, and learn to bring out the emotion and unique-ness of a scene through the use of the camera. Participants will also explore their own, individual place within an image as the creator and photographer.

This exciting workshop will take you to See Elk, birds, and Much , Much more!!!

To register for a workshop, contact us by phone 707.733.3686 or by email us at

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