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Personalized workshops for a more intimate and personable experience

images © Leslie Alsheimer

A note about our Photographic Workshops, Tours and Mentoring programs

We design and customize our programs for each participant personally and individually. We want to know each person, their work, and how we can best help with individual goals and projects in a mentoring style environment. The groups are small and intimate on purpose, and therefore can be a bit more expensive than some other photo programs. Although occassionally we may visit some more common tourist destinations, typically we chose locations that are less traveled, and sometimes require previous experience and more effort to reach.

We are passionate about photography and want to share our programs with others who are also enthusiastic and passionate. We offer a great deal of flexibility for each and every individual participant's specific goals and needs.

We do not run group workshops, We run personalized workshops with individuals.

If you don’t feel like doing something, or just want to take time off and be on your own -- its never a problem.

It is important to be flexible, patient, good-humored, have limited dietary needs, and be in relatively hearty physical shape. Developing world travel is never on time, nor convenient and easy. Our programs are as much about travel as they are about photography. We have a tremendous amount of fun, but our programs are not for everyone.

Often, we visit locations we have traveled to before, however, we also explore villages and areas we have not visited before. Together we sometimes adventure into unknown territory on an “exploratory” visit, or with a workshop that is open only to our alumni. We work with local operators and guides that understand the special nature and flexibility of our customized tours.

The instructors will photograph themselves during all of our programs, but our first priority is to be available as a resource to you. We photograph ourselves to draw out the creative energy, to show you how we work and be of service in helping you follow and learn from our lead. We discouage students from shooting over anyone’s shoulder unless there is a good reason. Sometimes we provide lectures and demonstrations; it depends on the group and the trip. However, Instructors are always available for any questions and advice.

If you need fancy hotel rooms all the time, western toilets, expect five star services, and are squeamish about eating non-Western foods – we suggest a different kind of program. However, if you love adventure and exploring with your heart and your camera, don’t mind rough conditions, and revel in unpredictability– then our programs might be for you. We are usually just a group of like-minded fun people enjoying travel and photography together.

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