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Digital Vacation Workshops

Santa Fe, 2010

Art, Form and Color
of Architecture

Location Light Problem Solving
from People to Things
July 26 - 30 2010 in Santa Fe
August 2-6 2010 in Santa Fe
Natural and Artificial Light capture for
Interiors & Exteriors

Tools of the professional and
how to use them

Artificial Light
Strobe Light
Hot Light
Grip Equipment
Location portraits

Santa Fe’s Historical Architecture: Art, Form & Color
Dates: July 26-30, 2010

Course Description
Scattered through out “inner city” Santa Fe lie 400-year-old structures that speak of mystery and intrigue. Join us in discovering these stunning adobe creations that have miraculously withstood centuries of relentless sun, pelting rain, and frigid snow. While learning the history lurking behind these adobe walls, we will discuss how to create art
out of interior and exterior architecture. At the end of this 5-day workshop you will be able to comprehend and utilize architectural framing and natural & artificial light - you will be able to find and build upon drama, texture and environment in architecture, and be proficient in digital enhancement and rendering to architectural photographs.


Location Lighting: Solving the Unforeseen
Dates: August 2-6, 2010

Course Description
How do you learn to work under pressure on a time limit and create a professionally lit photograph in whatever environment you’re given? That’s what this 5-day workshop is all about. From photographs of people to photographs of various objects, join us and you will learn how to react to different environments in order to solve the problems at hand at difficult locations around Santa Fe. Come learn how to work with the tools of the trade using natural light, artificial light, strobe light, hot lights, and grip equipment in situations where light is created out of darkness and darkness is created out of light.

Come and make images, learn a lot, join the fun and even laugh until your stomach aches. Enjoy crazy stories from William Enos, a twelve year veteran of architectural photographic experience, and of course enjoy some awesome New Mexican food too.

EXCLUSIVE: Small Group Workshops
Tuition $1495 no hidden fees.

Call 707.733.3686 or email for more details.

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